samain Technique Colour Grading and Compositing (VFX) director Cucho Ramirez Client Samain Agency N/A YEAR 2021 OVERVIEW Life and death, night and day, generations and cultures, man and nature. The mystery of existence is found in daily rituals. Our human relationship with the environment transforms us. Signals are repeated over time – are we able […]

Apple Music – Rag ‘N’ Bone Man

APPLE MUSICRAG’N’BONE MAN Apple MusicRAG’N’BONE MAN Technique 2D Motion Graphics director Greg Hackett (Spindle) Client Apple Music Agency Spindle / No.8 London YEAR 2021 OVERVIEW An experimental mixed-media film that explores Rag’n’Bone Man’s thought processes when producing music. The video examines the topics of the album, the singer’s mental condition while recording it, and the […]

The Law of Silence The Law of silence TECHNIQUE 2D Motion Graphics director Paola Desiderio Client Rolling on Film Agency N/A YEAR 2021 OVERVIEW In 1990, a massacre ended the dream of peace for the small rural community of La India.  Three local leaders and a young journalist are murdered, shot at close range in a crowded restaurant […]