Crafting Compelling Explainer Videos

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Hey there, fellow adventurers in business and creativity!

In today’s fast-paced world, we’ve got a secret to share with you: explainer videos are like little nuggets of storytelling gold. They’re your ticket to conveying complex ideas in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. Here at Flying Duck Studio Lab, we’re all about helping you tap into the enchanting world of visual storytelling. So, grab your virtual backpack, because we’re about to guide you through crafting an explainer video that’s not just educational, but downright captivating!

Why Explainer Videos, Especially Animated Ones, Are Your New BFFs

Okay, imagine this: animations are like the cool magicians of the video world. They bring concepts to life, making even the trickiest ideas feel like a breeze. Animated explainer videos take the cake for being visually exciting, making them perfect for grabbing attention and keeping your audience hooked. Plus, they’re like the language of the world, breaking down barriers and making your message resonate globally. And guess what? These videos are like social media darlings—super shareable and spreading your message far and wide.

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Step 1: Let’s Get This Party Started: Define Your Message and Audience

Before we dive headfirst into the creative whirlwind, let’s get the basics sorted. Know what you want to say and who you’re saying it to. It’s like picking the theme for your epic adventure – it sets the tone for everything that follows.


Step 2: Crafting Your Script – Making Words Dance

You know how every good tale starts with a captivating story? Well, that’s your script. Keep it short, snappy, and centred around how your product or service can save the day for your audience. Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle some of your brand’s unique flavour into it!

Step 3: Picture This – Storyboarding for Visual Wizards

Imagine turning your script into a comic strip – that’s storyboarding! Sketch out the scenes, like a roadmap for your video adventure. This step is like casting a spell to ensure your video flows seamlessly with your message.

Step 4: Animation Magic – Bringing Your Characters to Life

It’s time to add the fireworks! The animation phase is where your explainer video blossoms. Characters become like old friends, and the background transforms into a stage for your brand to shine. Animation breathes life into your tale, and your message dances in the spotlight. 

Step 5: Voices and Tunes – Adding Heart and Soul

Think of voices and music as your video’s heart and soul. Choose a voice that resonates with your brand’s personality and pair it with tunes that hit just the right emotional chords.

Step 6: Collecting Feedback – Friends Don’t Let Friends Adventure Alone

Just like on a quest, getting feedback is like finding hidden treasure. Seek input from friends, colleagues, and even your future viewers. Their insights help you fine-tune your video for maximum impact.

Step 7: Shine Bright – Final Polish and Sharing Time

Your masterpiece is almost ready for its big debut! Fine-tune the visuals, sounds, and timing till they sparkle. Then, release it into the digital world – share it on your website, social media, or even send it via carrier pigeon (if that’s your thing).

Step 8: What’s Your Magic Number? Measuring Success

Just like keeping score in a game, tracking your video’s performance is essential. Check out engagement, views, and conversion rates to see how your video’s doing in the big wide world. Use these insights to level up your next adventure!

So, here’s the deal:

At Flying Duck Studio Lab, we’re like your creative sidekicks, ready to help you craft explainer videos that captivate, educate, and maybe even sprinkle a bit of magic. Ready to create something awesome? Reach out to us, and let’s embark on this wild video-making adventure together!

Take a look at one of our latest explainer videos showcasing our work for Sustainable Salons.


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