How to Create an Animation Portfolio

Whether you’re a little duckling still learning the ropes or a seasoned pro, a strong portfolio is the key to ruffling feathers in the animation world. Here are some Flying Duck steps to help you create an outstanding animation portfolio:

Define Your Goals

Start by waddling through your goals for your animation portfolio. Are you looking to attract potential clients, employers, or both? Knowing your goals will help you tailor your portfolio to your audience.

Curate Your Best Work

Only include your best work in your portfolio. Be selective and choose pieces that demonstrate your strengths and showcase your style.

Organise Your Work

Organise your work in a clear and concise way. Group your work by theme or style, and include a brief description of each piece.

Include Variety

Showcase your versatility by including a variety of animation styles and techniques. This will demonstrate your range as an animator and show off your quack-tastic skills.

*Showreel created by the Flying Duck Collective team

Keep It Simple

Keep your portfolio simple and easy to navigate. Avoid clutter and distractions, and let your work speak for itself like a quack in the park.

Show Your Process

Include some behind-the-scenes information on your animation process, such as storyboards, sketches, or production notes. This will give potential clients or employers an insight into your creative process and leave them quacking for more.

Include Your Contact Information

Make it easy for potential clients or employers to contact you by including your web-footed contact information on your portfolio.

Keep It Up-to-Date

Regularly update your portfolio with your latest work and remove any outdated pieces, like old bread crumbs.

Get Feedback 

Get feedback from peers, mentors, or professionals in the animation industry. This will help you refine your portfolio and showcase your best work like a duck to water.


Creating the perfect animation portfolio takes time and effort, but it’s a crucial step in showcasing your skills and attracting potential clients or employers. By defining your goals, curating your best work, organising your work, including variety, keeping it simple, showing your process, including your contact information, keeping it up-to-date, and getting feedback, you can create an outstanding animation portfolio that will make you the envy of the duck pond!


Here is a list of online resources that can provide valuable information and guidance on how to create an animation portfolio:

  1. Artella – Artella is an online platform that provides resources and tools for animators and artists. They have a blog with articles on creating animation portfolios, including tips on showcasing your skills and creating a compelling visual presentation. 
  2. The Rookies – The Rookies is an online community for aspiring artists, including animators, with a wealth of resources on creating portfolios. They have articles, tutorials, and forums where you can seek advice and feedback on your portfolio. 
  3. Animation Mentor – Animation Mentor, an online animation school, has a blog with articles on creating animation portfolios. They provide tips on choosing the right pieces for your portfolio, showcasing your skills, and making a memorable impression. 
  4. Vimeo – Vimeo is a popular video-sharing platform where you can upload and showcase your animation portfolio. They have a “Portfolio” feature that allows you to create a visually appealing portfolio website with your animation reels and other works. 
  5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where you can create a digital portfolio to showcase your animation skills. You can upload your animation reels, artwork, and other works, and share your portfolio with potential employers or clients. 
  6. YouTube – YouTube is another platform where you can showcase your animation portfolio. You can create a channel to upload and share your animation reels, short films, and other works to gain exposure and attract potential clients or employers. 
  7. Behance – Behance is an online platform where you can create a digital portfolio to showcase your animation and design work. It allows you to create an eye-catching portfolio with your animation reels, artwork, and other projects and connect with other creative professionals.
  8. Society of Animation Studies – The Society of Animation Studies is a global organisation dedicated to the study of animation. They have a website with resources on animation portfolios, including articles and examples of successful portfolios. 


These online resources can provide valuable insights, tips, and examples to help you create a compelling and effective animation portfolio. Remember to tailor your portfolio to your target audience, highlight your strengths and skills, and showcase your unique style and creativity.

Good luck with creating your animation portfolio!