How to be sustainable in your workplace

(Advice from a Flying Duck)

Flying Duck Studio Lab is a new company founded by Alixe Lobato and her Duck Team. 

Our focus is to share our knowledge and ethical ethos through our creative magic and collective experience in the video production industry. Welcome to our new brand and outlook.

Alixe and the Duck team have been working hard to ensure the smooth transition of our rebirth. Ensuring that our principles are embedded in all our practices from the onset. Everything we do has ethicality and sustainability at its heart.

We present these values with these three feathers. They represent the pillars of which we run Flying Duck.

We help companies on their ethical flight.

We want to close the gap between high quality content and affordable prices.

We focus on ethical issues with special attention to diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Flying Duck recently opened our coworking space in Hebden Bridge, our main goal was ensuring that we embedded sustainability and ethical ethos in all our processes. 

Here’s our top tips to ensure your workspace is ethical and sustainable.


Sustainability and ethicality in your workspace

Creating an eco-conscious business begins with your team, since it is critical for your workers to believe in your vision and follow environmentally-friendly behaviours at the workplace in order for your goal of sustainability to be communicated appropriately.


There are several simple and inexpensive steps your firm can take to decrease its carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Here are a few ideas of sustainable practices you may adopt to foster an ecologically conscious workplace for your employees.


Implement a recycling program

Establishing a recycling programme at your company is a common method to increase consciousness around sustainability. From the kitchen to your workstations, educate your employees on appropriate waste disposal by posting clear signage on designated waste stations to assist them to determine which products go in the recycling, compost, and rubbish bins. You may also check into the safe removal and donation of outdated computer components and other objects taking up unnecessary space in your company to a local group that supports ethical electronics recycling.


Support ethical and eco friendly suppliers

To establish a more environmentally conscious workplace, choose to conduct business with green-friendly brands and companies. Conduct research on potential suppliers to learn more about their sustainability activities and to determine whether they correspond with your company’s mission and objectives about environmental impact. 

Source your office supplies with ethicality and sustainability always in your mind, ensuring that you buy local and from ethical suppliers. 

Flying Duck scoured our local second hand stores for most of our furniture and we used items that had been gifted to us to decorate our studio. We opted for local, sustainably sourced business cards, and our bank and broadband providers are ethical and eco friendly too.


Go paperless 

Companies have grown more collaborative, streamlined, efficient, and eco friendly thanks to digital and cloud computing technologies. Paper and ink are being replaced with an eco-friendly alternative, from employing desktop apps such as Microsoft Office and Google Drive to investing in digital HR and payroll tools to handle workforce administration.


Conserve energy in your workspace

Turning off lights and electronic devices around the workplace during off-hours helps to conserve energy and saves money on your electricity bill. Ensure that you (as an employer) have conveyed your policy regarding lowering energy usage at their workstations and throughout the office, and give advice such as switching off their laptops at the end of the work day and turning off the lights when rooms are not in use.


Conserve the energy of your team

This may not be the first thought that comes to mind when contemplating environmental practices, but the well-being of your employees is critical to your company’s healthy habits. Mindfulness is equally crucial. Consider how keeping healthy and active workers can help your company’s overall production. Maintain a safe, non-toxic atmosphere at all times to keep your workforce happy and energetic, create a policy to support you with this, ensuring employee wellbeing is at the forefront so that any issues can be resolved quickly and with little disruption. 


Supplying organic fruit and vegetables snacks throughout the day is a great way to encourage healthy eating and maintain energy levels too!


Encourage sustainable travel to your workplace

During the work week, encourage your employees to use alternate forms of transportation to and from the workplace, such as walking or sharing with coworkers. If your employees are not required to be in the office from Monday to Friday, consider reducing their commuting time throughout the week by enabling them to conduct remote work from home. Flying Duck has a hybrid workforce to help keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible.


Get outside, volunteer and support local charities/non profits

Volunteer programmes are a fantastic opportunity to support something worthwhile while also making a significant difference in your community.  


Flying Duck Studio Lab provided production services for Verd de Gris Arts, a local non-profit community group, for their One Voice concert last summer, ensuring they had technical support and visual representations to showcase the event. We continue to support them and other local charities.

Find projects that are important to your organisation and get your employees interested and involved.


Embed Sustainability and ethicality in your company culture

Engage and include your staff in your environmental goal. Talk to and cooperate with your team members to obtain their ideas for how your company may go green and be more environmentally conscious in the workplace. Obtaining feedback from your staff will provide them the chance to embrace and accept your new purpose and ambitions.

Encourage environmentally conscious behaviours in the workplace to make your workers feel healthier, more happy with your company, and more determined to excel at work.



Ethical and sustainable practices are something that your company must commit to for the long term. Processes must adapt and develop as your business grows, don’t expect to execute changes and then forget about them. You must continually examine, evaluate, and make improvements.

The most important thing is to know you’re on the right track and even the smallest changes are a step in the right direction.  It will take time, but you will succeed, and the earth and future generations will be thankful for your efforts.

Flying Duck has embraced our ethical journey, will you?


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