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IOU Theatre

IOU is a leading producer of interdisciplinary site-specific contemporary art.
Our aim is to make original innovative productions, support and develop artists and engage local communities and public audiences. We are inventive, imaginative and distinctive. IOU is made up of a creative team with a core group of six members. We work closely with a whole host of other creatives, commissioned artists, makers and producers to create what people know and love, as IOU.

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Hoxton 253 Art Project Space

HOXTON 253 is a London based non-profit artist run gallery and project space, providing an experimental platform to emerging and mid-career artists.
Our aim is to nurture creative talents and to build a community of artists and local residents with the objective to provoke critical dialogue within contemporary culture and society.
As a green and sustainability-conscious initiative, our passion lies in creating environments that question our communal and individual responsibilities in regard to our societal and political position in the world, while also dedicating particular attention to highlighting artistic voices that challenge the current untenable system and promote a healthier and sustainable future.

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A digital marketing agency for social good, specialising in helping non-profits, charities, NGOs, and worthy causes accelerate their mission through digitalisation. Whether you are launching a new idea and are looking for a guiding hand to help you take your first digital steps, have a clear vision and want to 10x your progress, or have been running a successful operation for years but feel there is something you are missing, we can help.

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Altered Images Festival

Altered Images is a project for film and music experimentation. We bring together artists from various disciplines to create original and unique pieces that will be shown at different events. We are focused on New Media Arts, Sound, Performance, Inclusivity, Feminism and Queer Activism.
Our showcase is opened to artists whose work has an experimental and innovative character.
The goal of the showcase is to create events of live music, projections, performances, and art installations where people can enjoy the show in a relaxed, inclusive, and friendly environment.

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Sister Motion

Sister Motion is a full-service production agency creating courageous visual content that tells your brand stories from a fresh point of view. They are passionate about bringing different perspectives to commercial creative production by working with women and talent from under-represented groups.
They believe that diverse creative teams produce content that better resonates with contemporary consumers and strive to work with individuals who present courageous values and creative ideas, and share their drive to challenge stereotypes and produce content that helps build a more tolerant society.

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Van Velvet

Van Velvet is a Film Director, Title & Motion Designer specializing in creating cinematic motion content for Entertainment and Independent Film, Music & TV Industry. At VANVELVET STUDIO she explores and experiments with different techniques mastering all types of integrations producing live action, 2D, and Mixed Media to create worlds and atmospheres with a cinematic vision.


Rowena Sheehan

Rowena is a British-Irish illustrator based in Bristol, UK. She originally graduated with a BSC in psychology in 2015 but began her artistic journey shortly after leading up to today where she works predominately as an illustrator in the animation industry – illustration/design/storyboarding. An artist by trade, she likes to think that her roots in psychology helps underpin her work with depth.


Ivan Miguel

Ivan Miguel is a seasoned Art Director/Motion Designer with 10+ years of experience working in advertising and motion graphics. Originally from Spain, he worked as an Art Director for 6 years at two of the most relevant Spanish advertising agencies, creating work for a variety of international brands.


Francisco Magín

Philosophy teacher during the day, and melody maker at night. He was responsible for a few of our previous productions and his work was selected at the Cardiff Animation Festival.


Ploy Motion

Ploy is a Motion Graphic Designer & Animator based in London, with over 10 years' experience in the industry. Her favourite project to work on are challenging and creative, and in need of some out-of-the-box thinking. She is a big console gamer, comic book and fantasy novel reader and a crazy cat lady.


Paulo Mosca

Paulo Mosca is a dipteran illustrator, a very common and annoying bug, it is about six millimetres long, with a plum black body, elliptical head, popping compound eyes, transparent wings crossed with nerves, long legs equipped with nails and suckers and a proboscis (a trunk-type mouth) to suck all sorts of substances to feed.


Sara Mutande

Sara Mutande works as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator and she is based in Auckland (New Zealand)/Barcelona (Spain). She comes from a very creative environment.


Eric Larson

Eric Larson is a freelance animation director, illustrator, and animator based in NYC. With a background in the performing arts, Eric brings a sense of wonder, curiosity, and attention to detail in every project he works on.


The organisations, institutions and artists listed above are all independent, cultural entities and people with incredible skills, talent, knowledge, missions, and years of experience behind them, running their own businesses. We pride ourselves on collaborating and partnering with these remarkable institutions and artists. 

Our Flying Duck Collective is ever-changing and evolving and we always welcome new institutions and artists to collaborate or partner with us.

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