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OVERVIEW, BrieF, challenge

IMAGINaiTION asked us to bring their logo to life for their AI web app. IMAGINaiTION is an AI-powered app designed to create personalised, engaging short stories for children. The challenge was how to create a custom loop for the intro of the AI app while the user/customer is waiting for the children’s book to be produced after typing in the information needed to generate the story.

The challenge was producing an animated logo in a light and friendly format to be integrated into the web app.

The process & Solution

We came up with a playful style that was matching the logo, the content and intent of the app, making sure that the style and movement match the brand. After doing some tests, we came up with a solution to the file format  and decided to use a plugging in After Effects to export Lottie files. This allowed us to use the best of the AE animation tools with the ability to deliver the requested formats. This way we could produce the logo in the visual style matching the brand and keep the format needed for the webapp. 

In addition to the loop animation we animated the full logo with the same style and we created an animation language attached to the brand. We really enjoyed working on the logo and the work IMAGINaiTION does, so we decided to go the extra mile and deliver more assets, not just for the webapp, but for website, socials etc. 


Lottie Animation, After effects, Frame by Frame animation


The client was incredibly happy with the result and left us a wonderful review saying, 

“In their quest, they chanced upon a hidden gem of the digital realm – Flying Duck Studios Lab, captained by the brilliant Alixe and her quack-tastic Duck Team. Oh! and aren’t we glad they crossed paths!

To say we were merely “impressed” would be underestimating the beak-dropping brilliance of the Duck Team. They took to the challenge like a duck to water and what they delivered had us waddling with excitement and fluttering with awe!

They didn’t just create animations – they created magic! Every frame, every pixel was crafted with such love and detail that you’d think it was hand-painted by the most artistically gifted ducks in the entire pond.

The Duck Team’s speed? Quicker than a mallard in flight! Their communication? Clearer than the gentle quacking of ducks at dawn. Alixe, our main feathered friend, exhibited such professionalism that she could be considered the ‘duckorate’ of digital animation.”

Our credits

Animator: Alixe Lobato

Producer: Josephine von Bülow