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Visual effects is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking and video production. The integration of live-action footage and other live-action footage or CG elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX. 

The term “visual effects” is not interchangeable with the term “special effects” (SFX). Unlike VFX, SFX are achieved in real-time during filming; examples include pyrotechnics, fake rain, animatronics, and prosthetic makeup. All VFX are added after shooting in post–production


The work performed after an audio or video session has been recorded. Editing the audio and video frames as well as VFX is part of the post-production process. The term is often truncated to simply “post.” For example, “let’s work on the video in post” means the job should be edited in the studio after being shot in the field.

VFX SERVICES from our VFX Studio

Colour Grading

Colour grading is often described and known as “Photoshop for moving images.” It is the process of altering a photo or video’s colour for aesthetic purposes and is an essential stage in almost every video. Understanding it will enable you to create images that are more visually appealing.

Clean Up

Removal of unwanted elements in the frame. This could be objects, people or other items.

Wire removal

A technique used to remove wires that are usually put in place during filming. This could be as a safety precaution for actors during stunts, or wires that hold objects or miniatures in place for commercials.


The process of cutting out elements from the frame (usually one frame at a time) so that they can be used as a separate entity. 

Matte Painting

This can cover ‘layering up’ elements to create a new landscape that you couldn’t shoot. Or this can entail adding elements to a landscape that you would like to enhance. This can go in tandem with rotoscoping or utilising green screens / blue screens to separate the talent or product from the background that’s being replaced.

Set Extensions

A skill that often goes hand in hand with Matte Painting, set extension is exactly what it says on the tin. Extending the set beyond what was filmed to make it seem larger or longer.


Integrating digital assets / CGI elements with live-action footage, the compositor is the last step in the VFX process, laying together all the various elements to make them appear seamless. 


Our artists can work on intricate beauty tasks, such as improving a person’s complexion, getting rid of bags under the eyes, or eradicating imperfections to accentuate the talent’s natural attractiveness. Being ethical and sincere must always be taken into account.


Creating a consistent feel to your titles in order to make sure they follow brand guidelines, from fonts, to logos, to colours to placement.


Is the process of automatically locating a point or series of points from frame to frame in a sequence, allowing the user to stabilise, track or solve object or camera movement in the shot.  

SAMAIN Project

Our main task was colour grading and compositing which involved stabilisation, cleaning, rotoscoping, and removing objects.  

After an initial meeting with the director, we established some art direction for the grading process and discussed a breakdown of the different assets that need some compositing.   

We were sharing WIPs with the director and getting feedback implementing it into the final video.  

The software we were using was Davinci Resolve and After Effects. As the music video was edited in Final Cut we had to rebuild the edit in Davinci with an EDL and a video reference, replacing the shots where we were adding VFX.  

The final video with VFX has been exported from Davinci, we have then added the final titles in After Effects.  

Case Study



Nuke is a node-based digital compositing and visual effects application first developed by Digital Domain, and used for television and film post-production. 


Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of filmmaking, video games, and television production. 

COSTS OF VFX for a 1 MINUTE VIDEO (estimated)

  • SIMPLE £6,300 

  • STANDARD £9,400 

  • MEDIUM £19,000 

  • COMPLEX £25,000 


Decades of experience and expertise in the field makes us some of the best. We have a wonderful team of VFX artists who can make anything come to life. We love to offer you a breakdown of our VFX services for advertising projects and film productions.  

The benefits of a medium-sized studio like ours are full budget transparency, groomed VFX artists, and a very straightforward and cost-effective workflow. 

Our Animation Services

From revamping your social content to creating post-production VFX in film, commercials and intricate long-form trailers for your next product launch, 3D is a great solution to bring to life your content in a way like no others.

Below you can find some of the products and services we can help you with.



Animation and motion graphic productions

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Short live-action productions

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Design and Visual Art productions​


Animation and motion graphics for films




Enviromental awareness content

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Short live-action productions 

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Design and Visual Art productions


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