DELamere - grow beyond addiction


2D animation, compositing, colour grading


Sister motion



design studio

flying duck studio lab




Our partner studio, Sister Motion, contacted us about producing a beautiful Brand video for the wholesome detox retreat and rehabilitation clinic, Delamere. The job was to combine live footage with hand-drawn animation from illustrations created by Kyna Palin, AKA Kyna Scribbles. Sister Motion would deal with the overall production, editing and voice-over. Kyna was in charge of art direction and illustrations, and Flying Duck was commissioned to do the animation, compositing and colour grading within the given deadline.

The challenge & solution

The production had a tight deadline and a lot of changes in the footage, delivered to us throughout the production process. The drawings we were animating also had continuous changes and tweaks and a lot of layered files to be handled within a short amount of time. In order to meet the deadline, we set up a proper communication system with Sister Motion and Kyna to be on top of everything and follow each other’s processes, delegating work and sustaining a healthy and smooth production.

The process & TECHNIQUE

Alixe was in charge of the overall post-production, compositing and colour grading included. Hannah and Josephine dealt with the illustration files in Photoshop, adding boil to every single one – drawing on top of the original illustrations again and again, to create an old-school hand-drawn effect of movement. It was a lot of drawings and single elements, so we created a lot of folders and a system to keep track of everything, moving from the original illustrations delivered by Kyna to additional illustrations and boil animation in Photoshop and then integrating with the live-action footage and compositing that included tracking, rotoscoping and animation in 3D space in After Effects and finally colour grading in Davinci.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, DaVinci


The entire production was a joy despite the tight deadline. Working with Sister Motion and Kyna was such a pleasure and it is visible in the final cut. A beautiful and wholesome Brand video. Everyone was very happy with the end result and most importantly, the client, Delamere.

Our credits

Animation director: Alixe Lobato

Producer: Josephine Amalie von Bülow

Animators: Alixe Lobato, Hannah Vernon & Josephine Amalie von Bülow

external credits

Editing & Production: Sister Motion (Claire Brown & Nicky Woodhouse)

Art direction and illustrations: Kyna Palin